Praise for The Kissing Rabbi:

Andrew Becker writes with humor and considerable charm. The
Kissing Rabbi is a wholly original novel that will leave readers
wanting more from Becker. Five stars.
Gregg Olsen, New York Times bestselling author

So you want to hear the real story of Rabbi Mishegas Dreidel?
The whole schmeer is a story as old as Jerusalem and as new as
today’s politics. The young rabbi, his wife, and nine kids show
up in Destiny, Oregon filled with missionary zeal. He opens a
synagogue in their basement, builds his flock, earns its trust,
borrows a million dollars from a friendly banker for a towering
house of worship, and off he goes to repair the world.
Part of that mission includes unwanted advances with women of
the temple, questionable synagogue financial dealings kept secret,
and a steadfast refusal to admit anything done wrong. This story
is told with just the right touch of satire, humor, insight,
and the hope it won’t happen again.
Bob Hill, Award-winning Louisville Courier-Journal
columnist and author

With a wry sense of humor and colorful cast of characters
(in fact, you probably know people like them), Becker dissects the
lamentable fall from grace of a well-intended shepherd turned
wolf. A witty and timely parable that keeps you wondering how
some people never seem to learn from their mistakes.
Entertaining and reflective.
Larry Fowler, Award winning author

The Kissing Rabbi humorously shines a light on a dark and heavy
subject—narcissistic abuse by a religious authority figure. This story
is a real page-turner and very relatable—highly recommended!
Yitz Epstein, Life coach and host, Narcissism Recovery Podcast

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy Andrew Becker’s novel,
The Kissing Rabbi! Meet Rabbi Mishegas (Mishy) Dreidel who
establishes a Jewish community in the Christian Destiny County
area while building a magnificent synagogue from a simple set-up
in his basement, but even the holy can fall from grace. You won’t
be able to stop reading because you will want to know what’s
going to happen to the rabbi, his wife, and nine kids in a world of
Jewish courts, close-knit families, and loyal supporters. Go inside
the secret and hidden world of ultra-orthodox Judaism to see how
power corrupts and how sexual harassment
can destroy a community.
Patty Lesser, Author of Sister Innocent and several novels